Booking an Appointment

All private practice consultations are by appointment and can be arranged by calling Prof Bourne’s office during weekday working hours on 07854 188732.

It is normally necessary (but not essential) for UK patients to be referred by a general practitioner, as your GP’s referral letter will usually contain useful information about your health and many Health Insurance companies will only honour claims if the initial referral is made by a GP.

When attending your first consultation please bring your most recently prescribed glasses, any medication you may be taking, your General Practitioner’s name and address and, if appropriate, your health insurance company details.

Your First Consultation

At this consultation your past medical history will be recorded and a thorough eye examination will be performed. The examination is painless, so there is nothing to worry about, but it may be lengthy, as it may be necessary to dilate your pupils. You should expect to spend up to an hour at the clinic. Every effort is made to see you as close to your scheduled appointment, however, emergencies do occur and consultations sometimes take longer than expected.

Following your consultation, your ocular condition will be discussed with you, as well as the approach to treatment and the results you could expect to achieve.